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Shahed Mohseni

Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur

And Peace Advocate

About Me

I bring cultures together through
music and innovation!

Shahed Mohseni is a visionary entrepreneur, musician, and inventor with a passion for promoting peace and cultural exchange through music and innovation. As the founder director of the InterContinental Music Awards, Shahed has been recognized for his multi-cultural music and concert productions and has helped talented musicians from around the world take their careers to the next level. 

With multiple innovation and music awards under his belt, he is also a sought-after mentor in the music industry. Join him in his mission to bring cultures together and make a positive impact on the world.

What I Excel At

My Areas of Expertise

Mentorship & Speech​

Imparting knowledge and skills to shape the next generation of leaders in the music industry.

Music & Culture

Experience the transformative power of music with award-winning productions by Shahed Mohseni.


Discover groundbreaking innovations and inventions by Shahed Mohseni, a visionary entrepreneur and inventor.

What I Excel At

My Awards and Press

Honors & Awards

Discover Shahed’s achievements in music and innovation recognized by prestigious awards. 

Press & Interviews

Discover what the media is saying about Shahed and his work in music and innovation.


Exploring innovative solutions for complex problems through interdisciplinary research.








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I’m deeply passionate about fostering peace and bringing communities together through the transformative power of music. With years of experience in peace development and a strong background in the music industry, I’m well-equipped to inspire and engage your audience.

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